On March 10th, my SADD group had held an assembly with MADD Canada. Josee Levesque was a representative from MADD Canada to share stories about how fast anything can happen.  During Josee’s presentation she showed us a video that MADD had made up to show a way Drunk Driving can happen. MADD Canada had teenagers act out a little scene to show the consequences of driving impaired,and how it can happen in a blink of an eye. After that video she then showed three different stories about people who lost a friend, or family from being impaired, or was killed because of an impaired driver.

It was an emotional thing to watch when family members would tell the story of what had happened to their loved one they lost because of an impaired driver. It gives yourself the chills when you think of losing someone who you could not possibly live without. The stories made you realize how easy it is to lose someone and how us teenagers could make a difference and prevent drunk driving from happening and making a difference.

As shown in the picture above, myself and two other students from the SADD group made a donation to Gloria McNeil, and also presented to her flowers and a thank you card for letting us hear the story of her son who had past because of an impaired driver.  We couldnt have been thankful enough for her to get up and tell a little bit about her son Adam.







Thursday before we had the assembly, we had a RCMP officers come in with these really neat goggles! Each of them were a different level of a drunk person and you would have to try and walk on the line of tape. It drew an outstanding crowed and many students were amazed with how cool the goggles were, and of course they wanted to try the strongest ones because it made your body feel completely different and very funny!!

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