Day four was another early morning! The girls and I loaded onto the bus where we appeared on Global and National television where girls were picked in random order to go up and answer a fun question!

After we left Global we all went back on the bus and headed to the CN Tower and visited the glass floor! Going up the elavator to the top of the CN Tower was crazy but amazing! The view was beautiful

although our ears popped like crazy!! When we went to the glass for I was scared to walk on it, so me and one of the other ladies decided to hold hands and face our fears together by walking on the glass floor, and let me tell you all, I was pretty proud of myself!!! 🙂



When we were done touring the CN Tower, we had an hour to kill so some of us girls made our way over to this little band that was playing music, and they were AMAZING!! We did what ever we could do to kill that hour in the hot weather that afternoon! When then went back to the hotel where we went back to our rooms to eat our lunches. Later that evening the girls and I had once again loaded back onto our bus and were on route to the Toronto Eaton Centre. It’s kind of funny, when I had gotten off the bus, I noticed how a lot of us were matching, and we obviously had to take a picture of it! After taking some photos outside we went inside where we would receive our $10.00 gift cards for the food area so we could eat where ever we wanted to! As we stood to get instructions on what we needed to tweet, instagram and facebook we would look above us and see numerous people looking down at us taking pictures and wondering why we were all wearing a sash and crown!! We were also lucky to do a little shopping before we went to eat supper. After eating supper we loaded back onto the bus to go and do rehearsals and then called it a night !


xoxo, Ashley 🙂


Written by: Ashley

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