We all wonder about things from the past and what certain events were like, and how well it grew. Like Miss Teen Canada for example is something that most of our parents would remember being televised.  This beloved pageant was held annually here in our beautiful country. This was a personality and beauty competition for ladies between the ages of 14-17 years old from across our beautiful country. In 1969 is when Miss Teen Canada Pageant was first televised on CTV along with Miss Canada where now there is more than one Teen Canada pageant.  During 1969 they had financial concerns which led to the pageant having to be shutdown in 1990. The pageant was named Miss Teenage Canada for its first three years and was sponsors by A&W, Drive-Ins, Cleo Productions, who owned the event for quite some time.

In our century, the largest competition is owned by MTC-W inc. and is produced by the wonderful Michelle Weswaldi. It launched in 2008 and Katie Starke from Uxbridge, Ontario took the crown back to her hometown.  Miss Teenage Canada is the only pageant to hold provincial pageants to qualify your spot to compete for the Miss Teenage Canada title. When you win the title you receive over $30,000 in cash and prizes and much more! To hold an amazing pageant like Miss Teenage Canada, you need a wonderful celebrity judge panel that has included Belinda Kiriakou who is in Canada’s number one fitness magazine, Sara Fisher who is a singer and songwriter, model and actress, Chelsae Durocher who had competed and was able to compete nationally and internationally as she represented Canada at the Miss Universe in 2011, and many more! Celebrity hosts such as Luke Bilyk, who stars on the show Degrassi, and Cynthia Loewen who has been in pageantry since she was 16 years old. Without having a judging panel and wonderful hosts, there wouldn’t be a way to hold such a significant pageant!

Free the Children are a non-profit organization founded by Marc and Craig Keilburger that shows leadership and children helping children all around the world. This organization is to help shape a community and is the world’s largest network for children helping children through education, with having more than a million youth involved in innovative and education in 45 countries. Each year delegates will do fundraisers to help support this organization to give back and to help make people happy and to make a difference to end poverty. To date on the Miss Teenage Canada website, they have raised over $190,000.00 to benefit outstanding organizations!

During my years of being involved with pageantry, I have gained so much confidence, and learned so much about myself. It has helped me overcome so many fears as to being stage fright, and talking in front of big crowds. I’m so thankful to be in pageantry because so many new friendships are shaped and so many memories are made. The reason to why I applied for Miss Teenage Canada is because it will help be gain more confidence, as well has experience and to have a tremendous week with ladies from all over canada and to of course take the title home! I have gotten involved with my province tremendously, with helping fundraise for The Children’s Wish Foundation, volunteering at my hometown’s festival and talent show, serving samples at store’s grand openings , dropping the puck at Junior ‘A’ hockey game, speak at cyber-bullying dances and etc! For Miss Teenage Canada I had to fundraise for Free the Children where I had a huge basket draw, as well as sold fries thanks to Cavendish Farms for letting me use their Fry cart!

To conclude, with me winning Miss Teenage Canada not only would it be an honour but, I want to reach out to kids who are too scared to chase after their dreams, because if you fight hard enough to reach it you will achieve it. I would give back to not only my province, but to people who don’t get noticed enough for what they do for our country, and as well as our hometowns because everyone deserves to be noticed for their accomplishments they have made in life that have taken not only an impact on yourself, but for the community surrounding you.  With the title I want to end world poverty, because it is a problem for families all over the country and I know so many people will take the right initiative to help out and to end poverty because it needs to end. Same for bullying, nobody deserves to be let down because everyone is beautiful inside and out, and you can’t hate someone when you don’t know their story.

Hope you enjoy reading this assignment and stay tuned for more assignments and blog posts!

Love always,

Ashley xoxo


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